Saturday, June 15, 2013

4 months

Our little boy is getting so big! 


He turned 4 months old last week and we headed back to the doctors office.  We got his measurements and then it was time for the dreaded shots.  Luckily Sam was only upset for a few minutes afterwards.  Having his mom there to pick him up right away certainly helped a bit.  These were his measurements:

Height: 25.75 inches (79%)          Weight: 16 lbs 15.4 oz (81%)          Head Circ.: 17 inches (91%)

Last week, we also got to see our friend Melanie and her daughter Micah.  Micah is only 3 weeks older than Sam, and it was obvious they hit it off right away!

As of right now, Sam absolutely loves to smile.  He is an extremely happy baby first thing in the morning.  He still wears size 2 diapers, is already wearing 6 month clothes, and has already grown out of size 2 shoes!  He started blowing raspberries this last week and it's really adorable since he hasn't mastered it yet.  It's mostly just blowing lots of small bubbles while making an "ooooo" noise.  Sam's eyes are still mostly blue, and he's getting a little more hair on the sides of his head now.  He's definitely getting stronger and tries to exert his own little will when we hold him.  Sam still likes to nap in his swing during the days, and sleeps in his rocker at night, only waking up one time somewhere between 2-5am.  He's definitely starting to notice the dogs and seems to recognize people he spends alot of time with, namely his grandparents (especially Mimi).  Last week, Sam also finally had the opportunity to meet his great-grandparents on Joey's side!  We also went to family dinner last Thursday where he met Kristin's cousin Ted and was able to hang out with her Grandmommy again.  For those keeping track, we'll leave you with his 4 month picture(s):

And previous months: