Friday, March 29, 2013

Weeks 2-7 (In Review)

   So it's been a busy couple of months since Samuel entered our lives.  Luckily, I was able to get time off for a majority of the first few weeks, but it has certainly been an adjustment.  At first, Sam was waking up every 2-3 hours.  He slept for a couple 4 hour spans by the end of the first month.  Since then, he's actually slept for 6 hours a couple times.  Kristin generally wakes up to feed him at least once, if not twice a night.  We had so many friends and family come to visit us during those first few weeks.  Several of them brought really good food with them, as well.

Sam really likes to sleep in Kristin's arms.  He's spent a few whole nights in his rocker, but has spent several more sleeping safely held by his mom.  We've had a few days of seemingly non-stop crying, but one of those also lead to his best night of sleep yet at the time so we try to find the silver lining.  Most of the clothes he's been wearing recently were so generously lent to us by our friends the Snokes and Defishers.  It's such a blessing to have friends willing to help us out and provide clothes and good advice.

  A few weekends ago, we got to take Sam to his first wedding.  His Uncle Mike married Kirksey Ervin in Morganton, NC and the wedding was so much fun.  Sam only fussed once during the ceremony, but Kristin moved so fast when he started that hardly anyone noticed.  A quick change later and we were all back in time to watch the new bride and groom make their way down the aisle.  It was so great to see so much family during the occasion.

This week, we got a big surprise.  Sam's cousin Ian was born on March 25th at the same hospital where we had been just last month.  Even though Sam was only a little heavier when he was born, Ian just seemed so small!  It really made it easy to see how much our little boy had grown in the past 7 weeks.  Anyways, that's all for now, but I'll add a few more pictures.  Oh yeah, did I mention he's finally starting to smile!  Kristin says it's just a "social smile," and he doesn't actually think I'm funny, but I don't know... :)