Tuesday, May 7, 2013

3 months

Our little Samuel turned 3 months on Sunday, and is 13 weeks old today!

He's moving from 3 month size clothes to 3-6 month, and is finishing up his size 1 diapers to move into size 2. He averages 6 diapers a day. At his 2 month appointment he weighed 13lbs 13oz (84%), was 23.25 inches long (62%), and his head circumference was 15.8 in (81%). We estimate that he's getting close to 16 lbs at this point.  

Last Monday April 28 at my (Kristin) Bible Study he rolled on the floor from his stomach to his back during tummy time. He has done it a few more times since then. His cradle cap has greatly improved (with anti-dandruff shampoo and using a comb. The first time I used the comb, it was really scary! It felt like I was scalping him). He continues to lose some of his hair, mostly in the sides of his head. For a while his top hair would stand up and give him a little baby-hawk. It also looks a little lighter in color. He'll occasionally reach up and grab his own hair. While I hold him, he likes to hold on to my hair for support, although he doesn't really pull it. Sam likes to be held a lot, but will play in his playgym, swing, bouncer, and bumbo. He makes more ooo noises, and more recently while he's nursing, which is kinda funny. He still likes to be bounced or be moving a lot. He enjoys standing all wombly like on legs. He kicks more than he grabs, but he's starting to hold onto a few toys. We can tell he continues to grow, get a little stronger, and smile and watch people a little more. His cousin #2, Isaac, was born yesterday :). We can't wait to get the 3 amigos together!

Here are the best couple pictures from our 3 month shoot (we'll pick the winner later):

And previous months: