Friday, September 20, 2013

5 months...finally

Ok, so it's been awhile.  Apparently blogging isn't your first priority after you become a parent...who knew?  This is just a quick recap of the last few months.  We'll start with month 5.

So no appointment this month.  Sam has started sitting up for short periods of time.  We usually use the Boppy to help him out a little.  He is still really interested in most dogs and often tries to "communicate" with them.  This communication is usually a bunch of really high pitched screeches.  He also really enjoys trying to blow raspberries.  The only other noticeable change was that he really became aware of faces in June.  If anyone picked him up, he would start playing with their mouth or nose.  And of course, here is our monthly pic of our little man:

And of course, here are his previous months to compare: