Monday, October 14, 2013

7 months update

Sam turned 7 months on September 5th. During this month, he started officially babbling with baby noises, but also kept the pterodactyl screeches. He tried some more solid food like avocado, steamed carrots, bananas, pasta, and mashed pouches of food combinations. He started holding on when we were holding him. Sam continued to enjoy playing sitting up, often with his boppy behind him. He played with his piano walker and in the exersaucer, as well. He mastered spinning from sitting up to down on his stomach. He found his feet and loves holding and bringing them to his mouth.

He had his first beach day on August 26th. We arrived midday and while he liked the sand alright, and seemed most indifferent to the water, he did not care for the surprise of waves. He took a hot nap under an umbrella and we headed home. His other big trip of the month was to visit his Great Grandmommy with his cousin Isaac. Sam had two teeth break through 2 days before turning 7 months. He also started to army crawl and giggle at the dogs. It's adorable. Lastly, with the arrival of his teeth, he started playing with his tongue more. It seems like he will be able to roll his tongue and flip it over. 

 Sam loves being read to by his daddy, in particular.

And, of course, we have our monthly picture!

And here are a couple outtakes from Kristin's photo session.  Sam tends to go after the sticker on the chair, unless of course we try to stop him...

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