Wednesday, February 12, 2014

8 months update

Sam turned 8 months on October 5th. Shortly after, he officially moved into his own room in his pack'n'play. We moved him over way later than we would have thought, but he was moved into his crib two weeks later. He started riding in shopping carts sitting up. He also started making a crazy face in which he sucks in his top lip. In late September he started sitting skew legged and getting up on all fours. He moved to inch worm crawling just before turning 8 months, and started crawling two days after turning 8 months. A whole new world!

He started saying ba ba in late September. He started being able to self feed himself Cheerios and willingly ate from a spoon (yay!). Lastly, kinda gross, but with all the new foods, he switched to having adult smelling poops early October.  Kind of a short update, but we're way behind and he growing so fast!  Instead, he are some fun pictures from that month:



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